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No Future

I posted at tokyo_stripper a couple of days ago and got directed to this community :D...
So...I'm going to be lazy and copy+paste the post I made there n____n (lj cut for anyone who might get sick of seeing this on their friends list for the second time ^^;)

Hey, is anyone going to Baroque's last live? ...Anyone~? *hears crickets*

I was supposed to go... but I needed someone to come with me and now the tickets are sold out (a week after they went on sale!) ;_; but even if I were to be able to get a ticket (through finding people with extra tickets or buying it off random people at the concert on that day), I'd still need someone to come with me (I won't be allowed to go to a concert without a companion ._. I'm going to Japan with my family and they won't want me to go off to some concert, alone, where practically no one can speak English)

and being unable to go to it, I won't be able to write a live report for you all! Oh, the shame!
(also, even if you're not going, it would be nice if you could point me in the direction of anyone who is going ^^;) I'm also hoping to go to Beauti-Fool's Fest the next day, but that's another story (you can help with that too though!) :)

...that'll be all. :D thanks! ^^
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