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Translation of "Baby Baby" 
11:27am 27/02/2011
  Hey everyone! I did a quick little translation of "Baby Baby," check it out here at my journal. ♥  
Selling Magazines 
05:27pm 27/08/2007
  Selling Fool's Mate June 2004 with baroque on the cover~

& other Magazines
over here @ my journal.
02:38pm 29/01/2006

Hi, I have a request...I was wondering if anyone had either bigger or better quality scans of these two pictures of Ryou from Baroque.
Ryou helpCollapse )

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12:52am 07/01/2006
  Did you guys just see?!?

I definitely need the next Cure *O*

They're really back >|333~

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hitei delicacy 
09:24pm 26/07/2005
  Alou! I'm Marc (teh cherry king-- yes, be jealous of my user name), I'm a long-time lurker... I don't think I've posted here before to be honest.

Anyhow, since Sunday was Ryou's birthday, I decided to dress up like him! A kind of... celebration thing, you know? I've been so busy at work though that I didn't get a chance to post pictures until today. I hope you like my "cosplaying." I chose really normal Ryou outfits that I just thought would be easy to do. I did the nutty a hermit PV outfit and a livehouse event outfit (I don't know what tour it's from, sorry!).

Here's pics of Ryou's outfit and then me.

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(marc out)
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New Jrock Link Site [x] Posted 
01:01am 20/12/2004
mood: bored

Route 52</size>
Got a Jrock Related Site? Come submit it to Route 52. It has a place for all jrock media, offical band homepages, fan pages, etc.

hello~ and sorry 
02:04pm 14/12/2004
mood: anxious
hello~! ^-^m

Sorry for x-posting. But I thought someone could be also interested in Fatima around here? :3 I'd be happy if someone would join.


Thanks. :3
Kibou deshita

T T <3 baroque is love. Forever.
No Future 
07:48pm 08/12/2004
mood: drained
I posted at tokyo_stripper a couple of days ago and got directed to this community :D...
So...I'm going to be lazy and copy+paste the post I made there n____n (lj cut for anyone who might get sick of seeing this on their friends list for the second time ^^;)
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Jrock Radio Show Name Contest! 
08:16pm 03/10/2004
  My friend needs help naming his new and upcoming weekly radio show showcasing Jrock at The solution? Have someone else name it for him :) His radio show is going to spread the word of Jrock in the states -- you could be the one accredited with naming it! You are free to flex your creative naming talent and there is no limit to how many names you submit.

The winner will recieve a $20 gift certificate to compliments of me, Asia.

Deadline is Wednesday, October 6th. Please leave a comment with your entry and email address here.

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Jinkaku Radio community 
08:44pm 18/08/2004

Konban wa minna-san!

I'm sorry for spamming, but I would like to promote my community for the Indie band Jinkaku Radio:


01:08pm 11/08/2004
mood: chipper
..*waves*...hello everybody!...i just joined the community so i just wanted 2 say a little hi...i recently got in2 baroque (i heard of them be4 just not their music) and they're pretty yea..i just wanted 2 say a little hi...^o^!
New community! 
11:29am 10/08/2004
mood: calm
I was looking through the communities and I believe we don't have a baroque graphics community. So out of boredom and temptation, I made:


I hope by doing this, we will see more graphics of baroque ^^;


Also, is it okay if I link to you guys?
A Bit of Jrock Humor 
03:01pm 20/07/2004
mood: happy
A friend and I, inspired by forgotten MTV clay animation antics, started up Jrock Celebrity Deathmatch, where you can vote weekly on two Jrock contenders for who you'd think would end up winning in a brawl/fight/catfight/etc. This is purely for amusement and shouldn't be taken too seriously, of course. Drop by every once in a while to see who's battling who and vote :)

Jrock Celebrity Deathmatch</a>

If you see this in several communities, hey we must have a lot in common! :) Also, if I'm breaching any community rules here (I checked, though), please tell me so I can delete the post.
New Maxi Single 7.28 :) 
03:33pm 26/05/2004
  Nutty a hermit. lol cool name.  
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09:53pm 23/05/2004

I just want to know if there are Baroque sites with actual pictures.
Or if there's a site with a lot of pictures of Kei. In Japanese or English. Or if there's another language, but with a lot of pictures, can you please post them?
It's very hard to find many Baroque sites that are not too small or give pictures.

Thank you.

Yes I'm very in love with Kei. XD He's so cute and I love his voice. haha My second favourite has to be Ryou because he's also weird and cute and funny.

I'm also looking for more Baroque fans because it's very rare in America...

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